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Pulpit Envy

In a world bombarded by admonitions to buy toys we do not need and saturated with invitations to do things that insult our Maker, words from preachers are ever more necessary to provide our Lord’s counter-claims to the false views of reality propagated by our culture. The pulpit becomes the quartermaster’s dispensary, providing impulse and equipment for witnessing in daily life. 

Be Careful with Imperatives

Imperatives are good for many things.  Luther said the Law is good, but precisely because it is good, it has become poison and death for the bad.  The Law does not give life but evaluates it, and we encounter day in and day out its negative evaluation of us. 

Johann Gerhard's Homiletics

Gerhard recognized the benefits of each of his “ways of proclaiming,” but also warned against the pitfalls inherent to most of them.  His categories ring true as descriptions of the ways in which we attempt to communicate the Gospel in the twenty-first century.  His words of advice deserve our attention too. 

Preaching on Fear

Preachers who lay claim to the legacy of Martin Luther address their own hearers when they preach the law of God and its revelation of their need to turn from that which offends God to the restoring and re-creative Word that comes from Christ’s cross and empty tomb.

Every Preacher, a Translator

Preachers translate as a calling.  Called by God, they are given a message, and for most of their hearers it is to one degree or another a message in a languagefrom afar, with strange concepts,  sometimes with a more familiar ring, sometimes with a strange sound.