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Epistle: Romans 3:19-28 (Reformation Observed)

The Feast of the Reformation affords preachers a special opportunity to catechize on the doctrine of justification by faith. It is also a perfect week for us to read through Romans in full for our devotions. It is an opportunity to hear again those marvelous words of absolution and sins forgiven and to recognize a righteousness which is revealed apart from the Law (Rom. 3:21); our need for absolution must be very great.

Gospel: John 8:31-36 (Reformation Observed)

Many Reformation sermons on this text have focused on freedom. You have heard them before. Perhaps you preached them before. They highlight Jesus’ promise in verse 36 about freedom. They make some connections with Galatians 5. They include Luther’s well-known statement in Freedom of a Christian. Many Reformation sermons have gone that direction and to beneficial effect, I am sure. You could do that this week too. Or you could consider a different direction.

Preparing to Preach on Reformation Sunday: Thoughts from Hermann Sasse

Each year, on the last Sunday of October we celebrate the Reformation of the Church. It was ignited by a 33-year-old priest on October 31, 1517 when he tacked his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Of course, whether you are a Christian or not, you cannot escape the significance of the Reformation. It is an important chapter in western history; yes, in world history.