All in Lectionary Notes

Epistle: Revelation 7:9-17 (Easter 4: Series C)

Do you really believe with all the saints that the church is one in Christ? Or are you the pragmatist who teaches your people that the church is broken, filled with sinners and false doctrine, and only in heaven will things be perfect? Have you complained that your people are not as holy as they ought to be or reverent as they should be? Have you complained about your brothers in Christ’s ministry and pressed a wedge between your congregation and theirs? This texts does not teach us to complain about the church but to confess the church—and she is marvelous!

Epistle: Philippians 2:5-11 (Sunday of the Passion: Series C)

It is an ineffable mystery that God suffers, and our preaching must bear out that mystery. One can only emphasize that God is truly man and that God suffers and dies on account of the personal union. But we do not emphasize the suffering apart from the divine nature, or as if the divine nature was not fully His at particular moments. The personal union causes us to deal with the whole Christ.